The duty to safeguard the harbor for all living things

Like the Holmes Harbor ecosystem and the surrounding community, Friends of Holmes Harbor (FOHH) is dynamic and evolving. The harbor's water quality has suffered over the past decades due to the ongoing pressures presented by the surrounding community development. In the effort to understand the delicate balance of an aquatic ecosystem, as a community organization, FOHH strives to examine and explain the issues facing the harbor, as well as the natural workings of the harbor. Hopefully, FOHH can lend a hand to a better understanding.

Current Issues

2017- Nichols Brothers working past midnight

The Hearing Examiner ‘s decision regarding on Nichols Bros Boat Builders Master Permit Application(MPA) of 2015. It’s been a long haul since 2004. The MPA 2004 and the MPA 2010 were withdrawn by NBBB. The 2015 was officially approved.

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We are dedicated to the preservation of the Holmes Harbor natural environment, the quality of life on Whidbey Island and to continuing responsible growth in Island County. As a community we are always looking to grow. Simply call or email.



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