The duty to safeguard the harbor for all living things

The catalyst to become involved in protecting the harbor's ecosystem stemmed from a land use proposal that appeared to threaten the natural environment and the quality of life of Holmes Harbor. FOHH continues to participate, investigate, clarify, and respond to new and ongoing issues affecting Holmes Harbor.

Like the Holmes Harbor ecosystem and the surrounding community, Friends of Holmes Harbor (FOHH) is dynamic and evolving. The harbor's water quality has suffered over the past decades due to the ongoing pressures presented by the surrounding community development.

In the effort to understand the delicate balance of an aquatic ecosystem, as a community organization, FOHH strives to examine and explain the issues facing the harbor, as well as the natural workings of the harbor. FOHH is a volunteer-based non-profit organization. It was established in 2004 by community members living near the south end of Holmes Harbor in response to accelerating growth. Supporters now include many from South Whidbey and beyond.

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