Current Issues

Growth is inevitable in a rural community. Attracted by the lovely scenery, the casual outdoor lifestyle, and more affordable housing, people come work and raise a family, others to start a business or retire. Some have been here for generations.

Growth has brought change, but with what impacts? Is it sustainable? Is it "smart"? How is it overseen by county, state, and federal agencies? These are some of the issues that we focus on.

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Nichols Brothers Boat Builders

Originally established in 1964 by Frank Nichols, the company is now owned by Ice Flow LLC, a Texas equity investment firm.

Water Quality
Holmes Harbor Water Quality

The southernmost part of Holmes Harbor was closed in mid-March 2006 by Island County Department of Health (WSDOH) pollution study of the shellfish growing area. It has since been reopened. Thank you to the hard work by Island County Department of Health.