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"Todd Pacific Shipyards of Seattle was the only one of five interested companies with the technical and financial ability to build the ferries," [said] Mike Anderson, acting director of the state ferry system . . . Susan Gilmore. "Local shipyard to build four ferries." The Seattle Times 12 Feb 2005, [emphasis added].

"You win some and you lose some, said Matt Nichols, CEO of Nichols Brothers. . . [and] "[w]e've got a lot of stuff we're working on." . . . WSF hired an outside firm to evaluate the financial information and capabilities of all the companies who expressed an interest in the contract, and Todd was the company that came out on top. Jennifer Conway. "Nichols fails to snag ferry contract; WSF chooses Todd." The South Whidbey Record. 19 Feb. 2005.

NEW SEATTLE TIMES Article "Maury Island gravel-mine expansion likely to be put on hold", January 22nd, 2005. Craig Welch, Reporter. Key excerpts include:
" A group of island residents . . . [stated] that the project could potentially pollute their aquifer, harm salmon habitat and industrialize a rural neighborhood and shoreline . . . after a brief hearing yesterday, King County Superior Court Judge Sharon Armstrong said she expected to grant a request by . . . [Island] residents to delay the permits until an appeals court has a chance to consider the case."

RECENT SEATTLE TIMES Article, "A Slow Recovery For Puget Sound" January, 19th, 2005.
TIMELY SEATTLE TIMES ARTICLE -Jan. 19th, 2005: A slow recovery for Puget Sound, by Chris Welch. excerpts include:
" Regardless, efforts to control stormwater runoff into the Sound will continue to be one of the region's thorniest environmental battles. This year, the state plans to begin requiring some 75 organizations and local governments to better manage how stormwater flows across polluted areas and into the Sound. And better management of such pollution also will be requested at smaller construction sites."
" Puget Sound's eelgrass beds — the slender waving forests of grass in the Sound's near-shore environment that anchor sediments, provide nooks and crannies for underwater creatures and serve as forage and spawning grounds for a variety of fish — declined 4 percent between 2002-04."

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